Service for Peace

18th March 2022
Some of the members of the New Zealand Diplomatic Corps who attended the service (from left to right): Ambassador of Japan (HE Koichi Ito), Ambassador of Mexico (HE Alfredo Rogerio Pérez Bravo), Acting High Commissioner of Papua New Guinea (Mr Jonathan Kidu), Dean of the Diplomatic Corps and High Commissioner of Samoa (HE Leasi Papali'i T. Scanlan), Ambassador of Germany (HE Stefan Krawielicki), Ambassdor of Korea (HE Sangjin Lee), Ambassador of Switzerland (HE Michael Winzap), Ambassador of Spain (HE Fernando Curcio Ruigómez) and Ambassador of Chile (HE Ignacio Llanos Mardones).
Many Members of the Diplomatic Corps, led by the Dean (HE Leasi Scanlan - Samoa High Commissioner), attended the “Service For Peace” held at the St. Teresa Catholic Church in Karori at 12 noon on Thursday 17 March, 2022. The Mass was led by His Eminence, Cardinal John Dew, and assisted by His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Novatus Rugambwa. The Otari Parish Priest Fr. Ron Bennet and Assistant Parish Priest Fr Tikoua Kautu together with another visiting Priest also assisted with the Service. The first bible reading was done by the Dean. In his beautiful Sermon, Cardinal John Dew touched on the very sad and unfair consequences of war where the lives of so many innocent peoples are lost unnecessarily. The People of Ukraine are suffering from a war brought about by factors out of their control. His Eminence reiterated Pope Francis request for people to pray for Peace not only in Ukraine but throughout the world. The Nuncio thanked His Eminence for the beautiful and touching Service and ended with a quote from the UNESCO Constitution which read ‘Since war begins in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed”. The Service For Peace was conducted under prevailing Covid-19 protocols, including limiting the number of attendees to less than one hundred.