Samoa – New Zealand Relations


Samoa and New Zealand have developed a unique relationship dating back to 1914 following World War 1, when Samoa was administered by New Zealand through a United Nations Trusteeship mandate, up until independence in 1962.

Diplomatic ties were established in 1962, with the Treaty of Friendship subsequently being signed the same year. Important factors that have seen the unique relationship between New Zealand and Samoa endure and strengthen over the years, include the flourishing of a Samoan ethnic population in New Zealand. The prevalence of Samoans at the national parliamentary level has helped to secure an avenue in which the interests of Samoans in New Zealand can be heard and implemented.

The relationship has been further amplified by New Zealand’s unwavering aid assistance as well as the frequent occurrence of high ranking official visits between the two countries. Samoa has a resident mission and High Commission in Wellington as well as a Consulate-General in Auckland. New Zealand has a resident mission and High Commission in Apia.