Immigration & Consular Services


As per current Samoa Government State of Emergency Order on Coronavirus, only returning Samoan residents may enter Samoa. There are limited exceptions. For more information, please refer to the current State of Emergency Order (Samoan version / English version).

Entry Requirements

All foreign passport holders (except US Nationals of American Samoa) are issued a gratis ninety (90) days Visitor’s Permit upon arrival in Samoa, assuming that they meet the following requirements:

  • Have an onward (return) ticket;
  • Possess a passport valid for a minimum of six (6) months after the intended date of departure from Samoa;
  • Have a valid visa or permit for entry into the country to which they will travel from Samoa;
  • State accommodation arrangements;
  • Have documented evidence of sufficient funds for self-support;
  • Have no record or deportation from other countries;
  • Have no health problems that would pose a risk to Samoa;
  • Have no history of criminal charges resulting in a minimum of one year sentencing; and
  • Not appear on any alert or warning lists.

Extending a Visitor’s Permit

Persons wishing to extend their stay in Samoa beyond the ninety (90) days covered under the Visitor’s Permit must apply for an extension of their permit. All applications must be lodged at the Immigration Office in Apia before the Visitor’s Permit expires.

Consular Services

The Samoa High Commission offers a limited range of Consular services, namely, the Waiver Letter and the Exemption Stamp. The Samoa Consulate-General offers a full range of Consular services including passports.

If you would like to travel to Samoa on a foreign passport with less than 6 months validity after your intended date of departure from Samoa then you must apply for a Waiver Letter. The Waiver Letter will exempt a traveler from the 6 months validity period requirement. To apply for a Waiver Letter you must provide the passenger’s passport page as well as their confirmed flight itinerary. Foreign passport holders with an Exemption Stamp are not required to obtain a Waiver Letter. This service is offered by both the Samoa High Commission and the Samoa Consulate-General.

If you are a Samoan citizen who travels on a foreign passport and would like to enter Samoa as a Samoan citizen then you will need to obtain an Exemption Stamp. If you are applying for an Exemption Stamp for the first time then you must provide proof of Samoan citizenship (birth certificate(s) or citizenship certificate). This service is offered by both the Samoa High Commission and the Samoa Consulate-General.

Application Forms

Application for Entry Into Samoa as a Samoan Citizen Holding a Foreign Passport (Exemption Stamp)

Samoa Passport Application Form

Birth Certificate Application Form

Police Report Clearance Application Form

Marriage Certificate Application Form


  • Exemption Stamp (new) – $160
  • Exemption Stamp (transfer) – $110 (existing Exemption Stamp must be provided)
  • Passport (adult) – $270
  • Passport (child) – $135
  • Birth Certificate – $35
  • Police Report Clearance – $30
  • Marriage Certificate – $25

Accepted methods of payment:
Samoa High Commission – Cash and online bank transfer
Samoa Consulate-General – EFTPOS, cash and online bank transfer

All applications for passports; birth certificates; police clearance reports and marriage certificates must be lodged with the Samoa Consulate-General in Auckland.
Consulate Office details can be found here.